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strathwood-furnitureStrathwood Furniture: As Good as it Gets!

When you choose a Strathwood furniture item you can expect to get a durable, long-lasting and elegant piece of all-weather furniture that will make you proud, and that will be a great addition and attraction in your outdoor area.

Built with first-class materials and with heavy use in mind any item in the Strathwood furniture collection will make you proud, and will be an excellent long-term investment.

It’s easy to assemble the parts when you get your order, and normally you should be able to get the easy job done in 10 – 30 minutes, but this will, of course, depend on the furniture type you have ordered, and on your own ability to use a screwdriver!


Strathwood Brentwood 4-Piece All-Weather Furniture Set
The # 1 Bestseller!* 4-piece outdoor furniture set includes 2 chairs, loveseat, and coffee table, plus cushions and 4 throw pillows

* Durable, lightweight steel frames with powder-coat finish in black with bronze flecks; glass table top; 100-percent polyester cushion covers

* Some assembly required for coffee table; all other pieces are fully assembled; set is imported

* Spot clean with mild soap and water and air dry; bring cushions indoors during inclement weather and store in dry place when not in use

* Coffee table measures 36 by 22 by 18 inches; each chair measures 29 by 24 by 33 inches; loveseat measures 29 by 49 by 33 inches

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A lot of happy Strathwood furniture customers have left reviews on the site, and almost all of them are pleased – or very pleased indeed – with their purchase.

Why not have a look for yourself so you can see what to expect when you decide on a Strathwood furniture item, but you can read a few excerpts of reviews right here.

  Strathwood Basics Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliners

My Strathwood recliner is a dream.
It is fully assembled, just unfold.
The construction is very high quality compared to others I have tried.
The quality really shows when you are in the chair and tilt to the utmost reclining position. It is a wonderfully relaxing and secure feeling.

The first day was spent full reclined in my wonderful chair for a good part of the afternoon.

(Jackied, Cleveland, Oh)

Strathwood Basics All-Weather Hardwood 3-Seater Bench

“My first thought about this bench was that I knew I needed a new one for our front porch, and it was staring at me on a Deal of The Day for $99.99 when it was normally $149.99. I debated whether or not to take a chance on it. The risks were buying a heavy peice of Strathwood furniture from – would the return policy be as smooth as their normal return policy? Would I be lugging a huge, heavy box to the post office and standing in line to return it? Would it be un-even, rickety, cheaply made? Would it even LOOK like the cedar/oak color it appeared as on the website?

The pay-off was simply a wood bench at a good price.

The risks seemed to outweigh the pros.

After consulting with my other half I took the plunge and ordered one. It arrived in 2 days as promised, on a Tuesday… and it sat, leaning against the house on the front porch, until Saturday afternoon when I decided it was do or die. I had convinced myself that I was too tired after work on the weekdays, or it was too late, or I might not have enough light to finish it… anything I could I think of to not attempt the project, when I think the true impetus was my fear of opening the box to wrestle through packaging and fasteners only to discover the bench was worthless and in need of a return ASAP.

So I took a deep breath and tackled the project. Within about 10 minutes I had a sturdy, attractive all-weather wood bench adorning my front porch and I was taking the packaging and shipping box to the recycling bin.

I can’t speak highly enough about this Strathwood furniture item. In fact, the reason I got online to write the review today is that I just ordered a second one that will sit across from this one on the porch, only this time at full price, because $149.99 is still a fantastic deal. We had checked out similar benches at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Fred Meyer and Target and none come close to the quality of this bench. The only thing similar or perhaps better would be something from a Smith & Hawken, Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, at about $399.99 on sale. This was the right decision and I’m very glad I made it. Can’t wait for the second one to arrive!

Now if I can just get Amazon to sell more attractive bench covers I’d be all set!!”
(Syke27, Seattle, WA)

“The packaging was pretty beat up when I got it from UPS but the product was in perfect condition.
It is even nicer than I expected. Very rich looking, kind of a mahogany color. Solid and attractive. Fairly easy to assemble. Only four pieces and all the hardware worked.
With the matching cushion, it is beautiful.
A real bargain for the quality.”
(Brian, Cambria, CA)

  Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair, Set of 2

“When I first placed this order, I was scared to death (because of a negative review) that I was only going to receive one chair. It is a PAIR of chairs, with cushions, and they are gorgeous! We ordered this set along with the coffee table and two-seater bench for an amazing patio set. So many compliments on it already! Shipping was very fast, and it was so easy to put together. Highly recommended!!”
(Lisa S, Ohio)

“These chairs look great…and after being out all summer the finish looks the same. Granted, they are on my back porch, which is covered and faces North, but still, they look like they were just put out.

One thing to try when putting them together…don’t tighten all the screws. Have them a little loose, put the chair on a flat surface, sit in the chair, and THEN tighten the screws. I found by not doing this they would not be sitting flat on the deck. Once I realized the trick it was really easy.

For some reason Amazon doesn’t always have them available…maybe they sell out too fast so add it to your purchase and wait…it’s worth it.

UPDATE 2/2011

Over winter I decided to bring the chairs inside so as not to have them exposed to the harsh New England Winter. I liked them so much inside I am now using them indoors and plan to continue doing so in the summer. They look great and are very comfortable. I now need to buy something for the porch!”
(M. Dillon, Massachusetts)

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